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"Helping our Clients Find Tax Savings and Plan for
the Future For Over 38 Years"

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About Our Company

Tax Partners is a full-service accounting firm in the GTA and York Region. Our firm specializes in providing US tax preparation services for US and Canadian citizens living Cross Border in the US, Canada and abroad. We offer over 38 years of experience in providing a broad range of professional cross-border tax services for individuals, businesses, executives, Expats, investors, and independent professionals located all over Canada and abroad. Most of the clients residing out of the GTA and York Region communicate to us by email. Our services include but not limited to:

  • US Tax Returns: Preparation of Form 1040 and Form 1040NR
  • Resident aliens, green card holders, Canadian citizens, and US citizens
  • IRS issues & Tax controversy issues
  • SSN/ITIN number and ITIN Application
  • Canada US Income Tax Convention (Treaty)
  • FBAR form, FinCEN Report 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts
  • FACTA compliance (Reporting of financial accounts) outside of US
  • FIRPTA compliance (Property)
  • Foreign tax credits
  • Tax audit
  • US Corporate Tax
  • RRSP & RRIF (New Legislation)
  • PFIC (Passive Foreign Investment Company)
  • ECI (Effectively Connected Income)
  • FDAP (Fixed or Determinable Annual or Periodical income) withholdings
  • Canadian tax preparation (personal, corporate, trust, GST/HST)
  • Notice to Readers financial statements

At Tax Partners, our goal is to provide you with perspective, insight and advice – to guide you in achieving your goals and vision for the future. We think beyond the numbers and provide expert advice based on real business or individual insight that will help you or your business succeed.

How It Works


Reference Tax Partners office rather than “drop off at any location”.


Gather your forms and other documents.


Dropping off? We will have you complete client information sheet so we can set up your file.


Meet with a U.S. tax expert.

Our Services

Individual Tax Return

We make the tax return planning and preparation process painless. Our clients rely on us to determine the minimum legally available income tax liability, through a creative and coordinated approach to the preparation of returns.


We get or renew your US tax identification number for you.

Limited Liability Company

A state-registered limited liability company (LLC) can be taxed as a partnership for federal income tax purposes. However, its members, like corporate shareholders, are not personally liable for the entity’s debts or liabilities.

Subchapter S Corporation

A subchapter S corporation may only have U.S. citizen or resident shareholders.


Overall great and a really fair price compared to all others! I brought a friend with me and she was very pleased too! Highly recommend them!

Grace Hines


I have had excellent experiences at Tax Partners. All the people I have dealt with in the firm are very professional, friendly, thorough, and trust-worthy. They have helped me in many different ways with both my business and personal taxes and affairs. I highly recommend Tax Partners for all accounting needs.

Marty Frankel


Mahad Mohamed and his team are great. They are professional and easy to work with. Tax Partners have handled our business since 2014 with professionalism, trustworthiness and clarity. Mahad has a heart of a teacher and has helped guide our company through uneasy waters. What we really appreciate is that he treats our business like it was his own. They have great “value add” opportunists that seem to be custom tailored to our specific needs. A true pleasure to work with. Keep up the great work!

Minnie Wilson


I have used Natalya at Tax Partners for the past two years. She is professional, knowledgeable and meets all deadlines that she set for herself. I have recommended her to several clients and friends will keep referring people to her. Keep up the good work Natalya!

Jacob Hickey


Tax Partners is by far the best experience I have ever had. They are quick, knowledgeable and very efficient. I know that I will be going back to Erika and Jen every year. They went above and beyond! I highly recommended anyone needing tax or accounting services to get in touch with these ladies.

Robert Lamp


I contacted a few accounting consultants for my US accounting needs. Unlike most of them, Mahad Mohamed and his team understood right away what had to be done. Within a month, all my US tax filings were completed. The process was very simple and transparent. Doug, who was handling my case, was a great help. Would recommend Tax Partners for any tax-related matters.

Aiden Ahmed


I’ve dealt with Tax Partners for the past 4 years for business and personal. They’re professional, knowledgeable and current. The Partners are involved in every step and their range of expertise is impressive. Thanks guys!

Susan Alexander


We have used Tax Partners for two years now. Natalya works with two of our companies and does our personal returns as well. The bookkeeper that works with us is Jennifer. I can only say that they are amazing. They work efficiently, they help us to understand what is happening and you have a feeling of complete professionalism. I can’t thank them enough for their help, their encouragement and their integrity. Tax Partners rocks!

Pam Werth

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